Diary of a misEducated Black Man

Swagger Wagon
May 18, 2010, 2:13 pm
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This is hilarious…errr i meant racist…yea racist


Because its my duty to turn the nice unruly, I’m gonna say thats its an offensive, outrageous, overembellishment of Black culture’s obsession with materialism. This goes right along with McDonald’s, Burger King, Eastern Motors, the old Census commericials, and all the other rapping ads that think the only way you can get the Black community to listen is if you make it rhyme. Do you want me to dance a jig for you too massa. Ridiculous.


You got to give it to Toyota for this one. This one’s wild. And effective its got nearly 2 million views on youtube. And yours truly is promoting it even further. I love America.

…check please…