Diary of a misEducated Black Man

Red Dead Redemption…see ya Monday

So yesterday, I’m at this MANDATORY company picnic bored out of my mind.  Its the Army so of course we’re standing in 100 degree Southwest heat having accountability formations to ensure everyones present.  All of my guys in my squad showed up which was a good thing for me, no paperwork for me to do.  Can you imagine it.  PVT SoandSo, I’m writing you up because you failed to spend your Friday afternoon eating hamburgers and hotdogs with your supervisors.  Only in the Army could this work.

The worst part about this whole thing was really all this picnic did was hold me back from doing what I have been and will be continuing to do all weekend, playing Red Dead Redemption.  Every so often a game comes along that I actually purchase at regular price, which says a lot.  I’m a half.com fiend and will generally wait to buy  games.  But this one was a little different.  This game is everything its hyped up to be and I’ll end up playing it until I rub the fingerprints off of my thumbs.  Red Dead Redemption is the ish.  What an awesome game.  It’s beautiful, masterful, full of life, fully immersible, funny, political, wild, action packed, side tracking, time consuming, and unbelievably amazing.  So, there you have it, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be on XBOX live.  My gamertag is CalsGonnaWin.

Sorry loyal readers, I’m checking out til Monday, have a fantastic weekend.  Watch a lot of sports, spend time with your family, and spread lots of love…using protection of course.

…check please…


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Seriously only in the Army.

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