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Its a landslide: Kobe vs Lebron
May 20, 2010, 10:35 pm
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I don’t know who decided that the NBA Playoffs needs to span three months.  Do the Celtics really need until Saturday to do away with the Magic again?  Seriously David Stern, they play basketball.  It’s grueling, hard, tiring, injury proned, yea, yea, I got it…but so is hockey and those studs play every other night come playoff time.


This entry isn’t about my beef with the NBA playoff system.  No this post is much more groundbreaking than that.  You see my beautiful people, I have been brainwashed.  I have been bathing in the koolaid.  The blindfold has finally been lifted and praise the Lord, now I can see again.  Its like when you go to the eye doctor and they start swapping out those lenses, “can you read line 6 now?”  “YES!!!!”  I can finally read those little letters at the bottom.  And you know what they spell out…

Damn, I can’t even type it yet.  This is going to take a lot to admit.

For those of you who know me, have read my past work, or have listened to me quip and boast about the greatness of Lebron Raymone James, you might want to take a seat.  Keep that defibulator handy and maybe even go ahead and get EMS on standbye.  Just a suggestion.

As of today, on the 20th day of May in the year of our Lord 2010, I hereby announce/admit that Kobe Bean Bryant is….

better than Lebron James.

Whew!  It feels so good to finally get that out.  I’ve been holding that one in for a while.  It’s like that fart when you first get out of church after holding it through half the New Testament.  What a relief.  Loyal readers, I tell you what.  I’ve been raging a one man uphill battle against the throngs of Kobe supporters for the last seven years and bygolly I’m through.  After this years playoffs, my sword has become dull, my throw away pistol is out of rounds, and quite frankly I’m feeling a lot like Lebron in game 5.  I’m just not that into to it.

Some of you will read this and go, well duh, of course Kobe is better.  He’s a 12 time All-Star, 10 time All-Defensive player, Slam Dunk Champ, two time scoring champ, and he scored 81 friggin points in a game.  But, most importantly, Kobe’s got the bling times four.  The bling times four puts Kobe in rare air.  If he gets one more in a few weeks, he’s one away from the Legend of His Airness, and I tell you what…we’ll be having a totally different discussion then, one that Lebron wouldn’t even be allowed to eavesdrop on rather be apart of.

Kobe Bryant is a friggin winner.  The guy may have cheated on his wife, he may have raped a maid, he may be gay, he may be the most arrogant son of a jackal in the game, but dude is a stone cold killer on the court.

This guy is a winner.

Did you see that glance he gave Gasol last night on the bench?  He gave Gasol the look that said, its the fourth quarter and it’s time to win.  And Kobe’s team responded as they do time and time again.  They are great, and will be in the finals for the third straight year.

Now, look guys.  Lebron, thats my boy.  We’re about the same age, graduated HS at the same time and I been watchin his games since ESPN started airing them when he was 8.  The guy was and is still a prodigy.  No one in the world is as gifted physically and athletically as Lebron James.  In a one on one match up with no money on the line, Lebron beats Kobe.  But put a lil somethin on the table and I’m telling you Kobe’s hunger, that drive, that killer inside of him will eat Lebron for dinner.  Thats what seperates the two.

Kobe is a superior shooter and arguably the better leader.  But, Lebron makes up for all that with talent, his natural physical and athletic gifts.  What puts Kobe over the top and far into the lead regarding this discussion is Kobe’s mentality.  Lebron’s personality is like Lamar Odom’s.  He cares sometimes and other times he’d rather be doing something else.  Kobe’s personality is like the one and only, His Airness, the inimitable, thou who’s name need not be mentioned.

If you’re still alive I applaud you.  I’m sorry Lebron, but I am no longer a witness.  I’ve watched you for so long.  You teased me when you showed me the fire against Detroit in 2007, but that was three years ago.  Lebron, me and your are done.  Its over.  You can keep the kids, just lemme get the house, and the Maybach.

Who do you all think is better?

…check please…

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It’s definitely a landslide, but you’re going in the wrong direction. LeBron is not just much better than Kobe, Kobe isn’t even one of the 10 best players in the NBA anymore.

Comment by Nintendo_Jones

Nintendo, thats absurd. Not even in the ten best, come on guy. Name ten guys better than Kobe plz. I’m waiting.

Comment by diaryofatiredblackman

kobe sucks GO LEBRON!!

Comment by smitster

I’m glad you see the light little brother, and all I can say is “I told you so.” The two above comments are obviously written by individuals who watch more sesame street specials than playoff basketball and I will tell you why. Anybody who truly understands the game of basketball can see that while Lebron is the better athlete, Kobe is the better basketball player. This is relevant, bert and ernie, because basketball is the game they ply and that we are discussing. If this were the NFL combine, 100 meter dash or PEB test for the military Lebron would murder Kobe. But it’s not. This is NBA basketball, the best basketball in the world, and in this league Kobe has reigned supreme ever since Shaq left the Lakers. While Lebron can run faster and jump higher, Kobe shoots, drives, dishes and defends better and thats what makes a better BASKETBALL player. Lebron is still a great player because for the most part what his basketball game lacks his body possesses. His inability to move defenders by dribbling is countered by his extreme speed. His lack of a low post game can be disregarded because of his HUGE size advantage over most 2 and 3 guards (shooting guards and small forwards for the sesame street crew), allowing him to tower over them. And his difficulty finishing at the rim is saved because he jumps higher than most centers so majority of the time he dunks. Very rarely will Lebron be seen making a great play based on basketball IQ and not just pure athleticism. On the flip side, Kobe, in his early 30s is not super fast, strong nor does he have super bounce. He must earn his points through fundamental basketball and hard work. Kobe drives the lane weaving in and out of defenders and would-be-shot-blockers like a choreographed ballet, that usually ends with an AND 1. And when it comes to mid-range and 3pt shooting, Kobe makes Lebron look like a school girl. In last years playoffs Shane Battier and Ron Artest defended Kobe better than anybody ever has. Every shot he took was contested and most times Battier guarded his face from even seeing the rim. Yet Kobe finished. Time and time again he made the unmakeable because he is a pure shooter. To compliment that statement this year Boston gave Lebron open looks and he missed time and time again. Their defensive scheme was to pack the paint and force Lebron to shoot because Doc Rivers knew he could not win the series with his jump-shot. The last three games Lebron went 7of18, 3of14 and 8of21 respectfully which means that the Doc was right! So please people give Kobe his props. He is the best ACTIVELY playing basketball player on his team, in the League and in the world. And he has the rings to prove it. Lebron’s only shot at 4 rings is if Shaq leaves them to him in his Will and Testament.

Comment by ACE Boogie

I suppose that yes, you’ve been telling me for quite sometime. But, as i mentioned i was bathing in the koolaid. I’m with you now. I see the light. Good analysis and great examples. Good comment bro.

Comment by diaryofatiredblackman

I am glad I finally found it! I read your blog on Beyonce versus Whoopi (discrimination) and I really do agree you have a good grasp on the politically correct and the real world situation.

Comment by Cowles

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