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May 18, 2010, 2:25 am
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Now that Lebron’s out of the playoffs, supposedly national attention has switched to the teams that are still actively pursuing the NBA championship…right? Ha! Unless you’ve been asleep atop Olympus Mons, you’ve probably heard all the ridiculous speculation as to where Lebron will end up next season. Allow me to be the first to say, who friggin cares?!?!?

Just kidding, because I am totally obsessed with it. I read every “insider report,” every tweet, and every doggone ESPN special report. If I could be a fly on Lebron’s wall I’d eat crap for a day. I mean, there has never been more anticipation, more speculation, more outrageous media coverage for any athlete’s free agency, ever. I’m pumped.

I don’t even want to speculate about what he’s going to do, because I truly feel that all the so called “insiders” and reporters have no idea what’s in Lebron’s heart. None of us do.


Because I have a blog, and two loyal readers, I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t say a lil somethin, somethin for the people.

First off, Lebron’s not going to the Clippers. Thats just stupid. Second, Lebron’s not going to the Nets. He’s not spending two years in Newark before he gets to BK. That leaves us with Chicago, New York, Miami, Cleveland or DC. Yes, The Nations Capital, Chocolate City, The District of Crime, is a viable option for Lebron. Now because Bill Simmons is one of two ESPN writers I like, the other being Jayson Stark, I’ll dish the assist to him on this one.  This is from back in Febuary.

“Let me throw this scenario at you, and you give me odds,” Simmons said. “Washington somehow voids Arenas’s contract, they trade Butler, they trade Jamison. They have all this cap room all of the sudden. They lure LeBron.

They traded Butler, they traded Jamison….only one more move to make. 

Sadly, I don’t see it happening.  Honestly, Lebron strikes me as a loyal dude and is probably gonna stay in Cleveland.  Also, with the way in which the media has evolved in the last ten years, the global connectivity, widespread access to information and easy access to consumer products, market size is becoming more and more irrelevant. 

If I were him I’d buy a penthouse in Hoboken and play for the Knicks.  But thats just me.

Gotta admit, the look fits him.

…check please…


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**Let me preface this by saying for those who don’t know me I am a KB24 fan all the way. Also, I will make a valid argument for Kobe against all on comers including MJ himself.**

Now you, my brother, of all people know that you could not write this article and expect for me to just leave it alone. I think it is utterly ridiculous that Lebron James, the so-called G.O.A.T. of basketball, is receiving this type of hype over his free agency. For purposes of this article we will compare him to Kobe who is the best player in basketball since MJ left and has the credentials to back it up.

Is Lebron a great player, Yes. Is he worth the media circus that has followed him since High School, NO. Plenty of players (Kobe included) have come str8 from high school to the NBA. None other than Lebron were automatically given the crown and that’s where my problem starts. Let’s all be honest and take a look at what has Lebron accomplished that warrants the Messiah like attention he receives? High School Championship? Naw, so have thousands of other players. NCAA championship, no, Carmelo Anthony has but he is considered by many a 2nd class superstar to Bron. NBA Championship? Hell no! Kobe, Shaq and Timmy D (Duncan) all have 4, Magic and Rodman had 5, Jordan had 6 and Robert Horry (a Laker) had 7!!! So somebody please explain to me why in a team sport, in a country where players are measured by league championships not individual accolades is Lebron considered King James and not a Count?

The masses say, “Lebron is a 2x League MVP, and he hasn’t won a ring because he’s young!! So take that ACE you Kobe fan and critic of the messiah!!” Like I said, in all other cases greatness is measured by Championships and not personal goals, but today I will play the game with you. Dwayne Wade was in the same draft as Lebron, same years in the league, but he has somehow figured out a way to get a ring. Steve Nash is also a 2x MVP yet I doubt the world would pee their pants over his free agency decision, why, because he has no ring(s). Even if we wanted to we can’t as of yet because Steve, unlike Bron, IS STILL IN THE PLAYOFFS. With respect to Kobe (to whom Bron is constantly compared) KB24 he has either the same or double Bron’s success in 90% of the following categories: Finals MVP, NBA All-Star, scoring champion, All-NBA First, Second Team and Third Team, All-Defensive First and Second Team, NBA All-Star Game MVP,Naismith Prep Player of the Year and, Oh yea, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner a competition worthy of all NBA greats including MJ himself, but apparently too pedestrian for his royal highness Mr. James. Give me a break, all Bron has over Kobe is a Rookie of the Year award and a first team all-rookies selection, which had this been the 03-04 season would mean allot but in 2010 is worthy of a yawn.

So where should Lebron go next year? If he has any sense he will keep his butt right in Cleveland. All other teams bidding, with the exception of the Bulls, will all but guarantee he will never win a NBA Championship ring. Championship teams take time and chemistry both of which he has already started to do in Cleveland. NY, New Jersey, DC, and LA’s minor league team all need years of rebuilding in both building a team and a winning attitude. In Miami there is not enough money, nor enough basketballs to form a Batman and Robin allegiance between him and young Mr. Wade. And if he goes to Chicago the situation is not much different than where he is now. All he will do is piss off the entire state of Ohio and from then on he can sleep in Akron @ his own risk. So stay put Lebron. Stop reading your own news paper clippings and develop a jump shot (Boston was not fooled, they packed the paint and forced you to beat them by shooting, you see how that turned out). And for all the King James fans please realize that while he is good, we are not bearing WITNESS to anything so leave the T-Shirt in the stores. Because as it stands right now the list reads “Pistol” Pete Maravich, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson and LEBRON “KING” JAMES.

Comment by ACE Boogie

Amazing comment! Brilliant analysis. I got a separate post brewing just for you my friend…u will be shocked in amazement at what I’m about to admit to the world…and no I’m not gay so dont get your hopes up. jk. great work on this one bro

Comment by diaryofatiredblackman

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