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Approach Cautiously…Protein, Race, and Rules
May 18, 2010, 11:39 pm
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So I’m in the gym the other day, doing the usual routine. A little cardio, a little chest, some curls for the girls, you know the fun stuff. And this guy walks up to me and he goes “wow you’re jacked, what are you taking?”   Now guys, girls, little green alien people, I, my friends am jacked like the Easter Bunny is scary…only to little kids and only one day a year.

So I tell the guy, I’m like really big on protein and stuff, like the guy on the plane in Get Smart. One of my favorite movie scenes ever BTW.


No really, I tell the guy that I’m not on anything and that I just work out every so often to stay in shape. The first thing this guy says to me is “oh its because your black.” At this point I’m floored. So I stammer out something like, “are you implying that my muscles are a result of my African-American heritage, and not the gym?  He goes, “well yea, thats what I’m saying. Black people are more naturally swole than white people. You guys are born with six packs and pecs.”

I’m pretty sure this kid is not Black.

So I walk away from this conversation a little bit introspective.  Of course, some people are born with the natural tendency to put on muscle instead of fat.  Some people are tall, some have high metabolism, and yes even some are born diesel.

But is it a race thing?  Even athletically speaking.  No white person has ever broken the 10 second mark in the 100 meter sprint.  What happened to all the white cornerbacks in the NFL?  Are white-Americans still allowed in the NBA?  JJ Redick is representing.

I almost couldn’t even argue with the guy.  The more I look around from pro sports, to my local gym, people of African descent have better physics and are more athletic.  Is that racist?

But boy does it change when you say, well when I look around at debate teams, politicians, professors, coaches, CEO’s, the nations wealthiest people lists…the faces are overwhelmingly white.  Does that mean that white people are smarter?  Is that genetic like athleticism?  Is it racist to say that Blacks are better athletes?  Is it racist to say that white people are better at everything else?

Everyone tells me I need to bury the hatchet on this whole race thing.  They tell me I’m too divisive. But when a white guy comes up to me and tells me that the reason I have an athletic build without extreme effort is because I’m Black, well I get down right offended.  So how can I bury the hatchet when I’m still fighting the same stereotypes that my people have been fighting since the very first Afro-Euro encounters.

To my white readers…scratch that.  To all my readers.  Follow the rules below and race relations in America will improve because of you.

1.  The Golden Rule of Race:  Think before you friggin talk.  Your mom has been telling you that since you were born.  If it sounds racist it probably is.

2.  Racist jokes are not funny, they’re racist.  Thats why they are called racist jokes.

3. If you’re in a group of three or more and one of the persons is the racial minority, do not take every opportunity you can to point it out.  For example: Two white guys and Black dude are hungry.  Don’t ask the Black guy if he wants to go to Popeyes.

4. Ask questions.  Seriously, it’s better than getting your head smashed in.  If you grew up in rural Kansas and you don’t know Michael Jackson from 50 cent, you might want to ask somebody.  Perfect example:  My man Jim when I was in Iraq asked me, why do you put the stocking on your head at night? Is it a fashion thing?  So I broke it down for him.  I explained the texture of Black hair.  I explained the complexities and intricacies of obtaining, grooming, and maintaining 360 waves.  Jim did it the right way and so should you.

5. Finally, use common sense people.  It really is just that simple.

I’m trying my darndest to improve race relations in America.  If Obama can get a Noble Prize, I should at least get like a ribbon or somethin, a little certificate of appreciation.  Baby steps people, baby steps.

Please, somebody tell me what you think.

…check please…


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Thanks for your comment on TrendingTopicsBlog.com regarding race in the world of sports. It shouldn’t be how a black guy, or how a white guy is treated. It should be “how is that person treated”. Peace.

Comment by TrendingTopicsBlog

Calvin, it sounds like you’re dealing with some folks who really aren’t thinking before they talk.

Now, with that being said, I’m going to throw some ideas out like shit at a wall to see if anything sticks.

Roland Fryer, Jr., a Harvard economist, has brought up the Slavery Hypothesis (and has been treated as the originator though he is not) that African-Americans of slave descent faced a grueling voyage to the Western Hemisphere in slave ships. Those forced immigrants who had a better ability to retain sodium would survive the ordeal. Therefore, the slaves who made it across the Atlantic to have children were genetically set up to be more prone to hypertension and that society is dealing with this today as African-Americans descended from slaves are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than African-Americans not descended from slaves.

Let’s say the biological differences don’t stop at ability to retain sodium. Of the African-American slave gene pool, only those with physiques better setup for hard labor would be valued and allowed to have children. Hypothetically, then, what ends up happening is what is considered to have happened with Ashkenazi Jews (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashkenazi_intelligence): due to sociological factors, a group begins to retain certain characteristics more so than the general population due to its isolation. Fast forward 400 years and you’re in the gym with a guy who thinks you’re overly ripped for your workout(s).

So there you have one train of thought someone might believe.

Here’s another: people are different. This isn’t to say races exist as anything more than cultural construct, but people from different areas of the world have different genetic traits from each other. This is why only black people have sickle-cell anemia; it’s called evolution. This is why freckles are more prevalent on northern Europeans than anyone else; it’s called evolution.

However, your “friend” at the gym clearly is attempting to justify his lack of hard work on something other than his lack of hard work. Good luck convincing him of that. People who make excuses will keep doing so.

Comment by Beau

Great Comment Beau,

I’m familiar with Dr. Fryer, in fact when I was senior in undergrad I sent him an email looking for a research asisstantship. His secretary I presume wrote me back and told me that they didn’t have any slots available. Mind you, this guy received an unprecedented to grant to conduct his pay kids for grades study.

Anyway, the shit sticks to the wall. My only question is scientific, Darwinian even. How long would it take for a people to develop superior traits based on a concentrating of the superior gene traits? Is that something that can show effect after just 400 years?

While the slave pool theory explains Africans effected by the trans atlantic slave trade, what about the athleticism of Africans remaining on the continent?

Just a little food for thought. Great comment!

Comment by diaryofatiredblackman

Calvin, I have no idea how long it would take for specific genetic traits to show up with humans. I imagine it’s a question of generations rather than years.

With regard to African athletic ability, I guess the argument is that everyone has athletic ability!

On another (random) note, I think it’s pretty cool how societal views play into national level teams such that teams take on identities with their playing style so much so that coaches aren’t allowed to change the style. Of course, I could just only notice that which I am looking for – orderly Germans playing staunch defense, Brazilians playing with a free offense, etc.

Comment by Beau

Obama should give his Nobel to you. You earned it; he didn’t.

Comment by Mark M.

Awesome!! I’m not sure I’ve done quite enough to earn one myself, but point well taken brother. Thanks for the comment.

Comment by diaryofatiredblackman

I concur with Mark M. You certainly did earn it. Keep up the Great work my friend.

Comment by Mark Johnson


Comment by Oz

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