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Jan Brewer is a racist…
May 17, 2010, 1:44 pm
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Ever so often something happens in the world that literally shakes me to my core.   Like nails on a chalkboard or like the most annoying sound in the world (Had to slide a dumb and Dumber reference in there), or maybe like the voice of of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. 

Now this morning, I awoke like any other morning, went for a light jog did some pushups and sit ups, got a nice lather going.  I come back in and as I’m about to take a shower and relax for a second, I check my text messages and I’ve got THREE from my brother telling me to check out this new Arizona law banning ethnic studies.  At first I’m thinking its got to be a joke, maybe a misprint.  Everyone know’s I was an African American Studies major in college and I figured, HAHA, very funny you got me brother.  But then I see, he’s sent me three text messages, detailing the legislation. 

So I’m forced to investigate this nonsense.  And as it turns out, it’s as true as the sky is blue.  Unless you’re in L.A. were its a swirling mixture of gray and black sut.  Strange, how do you people breathe out there.  They should issue respirators at birth.  I digress. 

Jan Brewer is a racist.  Ethnic studies, as they so imperfectly title it, is by far the single most beneficial subject to American students.  America as they say, is the great mixing bowl.  In 100 years we’ll all be gray.  Except for Jan Brewer, who we hope will dry up and turn to dust in another year or so.  The Arizona Governor is absolutely off her friggin rocker.  I say it’s the most benifical course of study because in a country…err world, as diverse as the one in which we live, in order to operate within the global economy one must be able to understand and adapt to the culture of others. 

When I was in Iraq, I realized that fundamentally, I disagreed with radical Islam.  Now I know US Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn’t admit that radical Islam exist, but it friggin does guy.  This is a great clip of that guy being absolutely absurd when discussing the reality of radical Islam by the way.  Very funny clip. 

Again, I digress.  Although I do not agree with the teachings of radical Islam, I knew that in order to do my job on foreign soil, I needed to have a certain knwoledge base, an open mind, and most importantly open ears.  In order to conduct business within a global economy one must posess the same qualities.  Ethnic studies provides the basis for such open mindedness and hence is vital to the sucess of American business.  I digress once again.  I’d be short changing you not to add this point.  One thing that holds many inner city youth back from achieving sucess within the mainstream business sphere, is the lack of access to this very concept.  If you grow up around only Blacks and Hispanics, have no idea how to communicate with other cultures, when presented with the opportunity to interview for a job with the mainstream white corporate sphere one is lost, unable to communicate and thus unable to rise within mainstream corporate America.  The vicious cycle continues.  But, thats a topic for another blog.

History is told from the side of the winners.  We celebrate Columbus day, not Annihilation of the Natives day.  We celebrate the victors and never the losers.  We learn white American history.  We look around the western world from Columbia, to Brazil, to England, to America, and beyond, what we find is Black bodies.  You get to the coast of Venezuela, you find Black bodies.  You travel to the Gullah Islands in South Carolina, you find Black bodies.  Every where you look you see the aftermath of white colonialism.  The results of the development of steel and war machines.

White people took over the world.  Now, I’m not hating on the white man because as we all know it’s a dog eat dog world and I’m cool with that.  Hey its capitalism and I get it.  But, to deny a people, especially young people the opportunity to learn about themselves, they’re history, they’re ancestral heroes, is intellectual genocide.  It’s like not allowing the slaves to learn to read.  Your are further chaining their brains.  You are dropping babies on the head at birth.

Sankofa.  You must know your past before you can move forward into the future.  You have to know where you came from.  And you mustn’t learn a revisionist history of it.  You mustn’t learn it from the winners side that tells you Black’s were slaves, then white savior abolitionist in the form of Abraham Lincoln decided it was wrong, freed the slaves and then we all held hands sung Kumbaya and everything was happily ever after.  Wrong.

This is what Jan Brewer wants you to believe.  The thinking is this people.  And it’s a rather simple thought.  Lets just pretend that the white mans cruel dominance of the history of the modernized world never happened and lets just all be friends.  If we forget about it, it never happened.  The problem with that theory is that if you walk through the world, the evidence, the remnants of the not so distant past are everywhere.  You cannot just pretend that it didn’t happen.  Why do white people own 95 percent of the wealth of the nation?  Why is that welfare, which mind you was instated to provide sustenance for lower class white women during WWII while their husbands were at war, a “Black and Hispanic” thing?  Why is that Blacks and Hispanics dominate the populations of America’s prisons but do not even constitute half of the crimes committed in the nation.  Racism.  There’s only one word to describe it.

And to leave a people in the dark, with the mask pulled snugly over their eyes only perpetuates the cycle.  Banning ethnic studies should be a crime punishable by death by stoning.  It may sound cruel but trust me they do it.  I’ve been to Iraq and I’ve seen it.  If you want to talk about what happens when people are blindfolded and herded like sheep, come with me to the Middle East.  

Jan Brewer, you are a racist.  Your true fear is that the Hispanic population in your state will learn their history.  They will learn of the Hispanic heroes such as the Che’s, the Castro’s (yes, he was a hero and America painted the devil horns on him, read about it), the Bolivar’s, the Hidalgo’s, the Carrera’s and on and on.  When people are given the sword of knowledge and the shield of faith they are unbeatable.  But once you infect their minds with your revisionist history, to the white man be all the glory bullshit, then not only have you defeated the people but you have dealt them a blow that only the truth can cure.

Ethnic studies is a big deal.  Do not be fooled by this people.  This is overt racism.  Overt white supremacy.  Ethnic studies does not teach separatism.  It teaches people to know their past, to feel good about being who they are.  American history, is White history.  Ethnic history is everybody else. 

One last note.  No matter what is taught in schools, no matter what the government regulates, cancels or outlaws.  Teach yourself.  Teach your children.  Make the world smarter, more revolutionary yourself.  As my main man Bomani Armah said, “Read a motherfuckin book.”

…check please…


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Thats a nice article my good sir. Once you get through the angry black man parts of it, it is very thought provoking and well written.

Comment by ACE Boogie

Great article. Not sure if I would call her a racist, but I understand your position, nonetheless. We have to teach our children about our history. People of African descent have made significant contributions to history.

Comment by Janet

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