Diary of a misEducated Black Man

Hello world!
May 1, 2010, 6:09 pm
Filed under: Lifestyle

Now this post is aptly titled.  Hello World!  Whats happenin?  Now as I sat and I pondered, what should I ever name my blog??  I thought about naming it the Truth.  That woulda been a pretty good name, but it seemed a bit prophetic.  I’m not a prophet; just a tired, upfront, straight shootin type brother.  I thought about the Lewd and Ludicrous.  Btw I love that title so don’t steal it.  However, though some will say that my subject matter at times is a mixture of lewd and ludicrous, that’s not all it will be I hope.  So after much thought…it only seemed appropriate to go with Diary of a Tired Black Man.  Why, you ask? 

Because I’m friggin tired duh.

First off, I’m tired of TV.  Every time I turn on the crap its some crappy soap opera disguised as reality.  The next durn show that comes out with a confessional room as a part of the show I’m gonna piss on my flat screen.  What would Jesus do?  I think he’d have to agree with me.   

I’m sittin and I’m watchin Chilli’s new show.  Apparently Floyd Mayweather stood her up.  Well if this so called reality show was so called reality then well duh, the friggin champ is preparing for a big fight tonight!!  If he woulda showed up to sip Moscato and eat tea biscuits with Chilli I would cheer for Mosley.  Good luck Money Mayweather.  Chilli will be there when you finish whoopin up on Mosley’s old ass. 

Im friggin tired of scantily dressed women.  Do not…i repeat Do Not!! walk past me, smile, bat your eyes while wearing a dress made of 550 cord, with your cheeks hangin out the bottom and your nipples cloggin up my nostrils.  So scantily dressed i can smell the vagisil when you walk by.  BUT, as soon as I attempt to introduce myself all of a sudden I have insulted your womanhood.  Oh and now you’re a feminist.  Woman, please!  Give me a friggin break.  More on this subject later.  The examples are endless. 

Now I want this blog to be family friendly.  I want people to have a forum to express there feelings.  I want people to tell it like it is.  I’m a regular guy and I speak the words that are on the minds of regular guys.  However, I am tired and it is my diary so I’mma air some people the freak out.  So get ready world.  Especially sportswriters.  I can probably give up my dream of workin for ESPN after this one.  Scoop Jackson, I’m commin for you.

One last thing, I was watching Boys N Da Hood last night, and my favorite character in the movie, Furiuos Styles (greatest name ever btw), he says, “the Army aint no place for a Black man.”  What do you all think about that? 

I have my opinion of course, stay tuned.



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